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# ==============================================================================
# Authors:          Patrick Lehmann
# Python Module:    TODO
# License:
# ==============================================================================
# Copyright 2007-2016 Technische Universitaet Dresden - Germany
#                     Chair of VLSI-Design, Diagnostics and Architecture
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ==============================================================================
from lib.Parser           import ParserException
from Parser.RulesCodeDOM  import Document, PreProcessRulesStatement, PostProcessRulesStatement, CopyStatement, ReplaceStatement, FileStatement, DeleteStatement, AppendLineStatement

__api__ = [
__all__ = __api__

[docs]class Rule: """Base class for all Rule and RuleMixIn classes."""
[docs]class CopyRuleMixIn(Rule): """A partial class (MixIn) to represent a 'copy rule'.""" def __init__(self, sourcePath, destinationPath): self._source = sourcePath self._destination = destinationPath @property def SourcePath(self): return self._source @property def DestinationPath(self): return self._destination def __str__(self): return "Copy rule: {0!s} => {1!s}".format(self._source, self._destination)
[docs]class DeleteRuleMixIn(Rule): """A partial class (MixIn) to represent a 'delete rule'.""" def __init__(self, filePath): self._source = filePath @property def FilePath(self): return self._source def __str__(self): return "Delete rule: {0!s}".format(self._source)
[docs]class ReplaceRuleMixIn(Rule): """A partial class (MixIn) to represent a 'replace rule'.""" def __init__(self, filePath, searchPattern, replacePattern, multiLine, dotAll, caseInSensitive): self._filePath = filePath self._searchPattern = searchPattern self._replacePattern = replacePattern self._multiLine = multiLine self._dotAll = dotAll self._caseInsensitive = caseInSensitive @property def FilePath(self): return self._filePath @property def SearchPattern(self): return self._searchPattern @property def ReplacePattern(self): return self._replacePattern @property def RegExpOption_MultiLine(self): return self._multiLine @property def RegExpOption_DotAll(self): return self._dotAll @property def RegExpOption_CaseInsensitive(self): return self._caseInsensitive def __str__(self): return "Replace rule: in '{0!s}' replace '{1}' with '{2}'".format(self._filePath, self._searchPattern, self._replacePattern)
[docs]class AppendLineRuleMixIn(Rule): """A partial class (MixIn) to represent a 'append line rule'.""" def __init__(self, filePath, appendPattern): self._filePath = filePath self._appendPattern = appendPattern @property def FilePath(self): return self._filePath @property def AppendPattern(self): return self._appendPattern def __str__(self): return "AppendLine rule: in '{0!s}' append '{1}'".format(self._filePath, self._appendPattern)
[docs]class RulesParserMixIn: _classCopyRule = CopyRuleMixIn _classDeleteRule = DeleteRuleMixIn _classReplaceRule = ReplaceRuleMixIn _classAppendLineRule = AppendLineRuleMixIn def __init__(self): self._rootDirectory = None self._document = None self._preProcessRules = [] self._postProcessRules = []
[docs] def _Parse(self): self._ReadContent() #only available via late binding self._document = Document.Parse(self._content, printChar=not True) #self._content only available via late binding
# print("{DARK_GRAY}{0!s}{NOCOLOR}".format(self._document, **Init.Foreground))
[docs] def _Resolve(self): # print("Resolving {0}".format(str(self._file))) for stmt in self._document.Statements: if isinstance(stmt, PreProcessRulesStatement): for ruleStatement in stmt.Statements: self._ResolveRule(ruleStatement, self._preProcessRules) elif isinstance(stmt, PostProcessRulesStatement): for ruleStatement in stmt.Statements: self._ResolveRule(ruleStatement, self._postProcessRules) else: ParserException("Found unknown statement type '{0}'.".format(stmt.__class__.__name__))
[docs] def _ResolveRule(self, ruleStatement, lst): if isinstance(ruleStatement, CopyStatement): sourceFile = ruleStatement.SourcePath destinationFile = ruleStatement.DestinationPath rule = self._classCopyRule(sourceFile, destinationFile) lst.append(rule) elif isinstance(ruleStatement, DeleteStatement): file = ruleStatement.FilePath rule = self._classDeleteRule(file) lst.append(rule) elif isinstance(ruleStatement, FileStatement): # FIXME: Currently, all replace and append rules are stored in individual rule instances. # FIXME: This prevents the system from creating a single task of multiple sub-rules -> just one open/close would be required filePath = ruleStatement.FilePath for nestedStatement in ruleStatement.Statements: if isinstance(nestedStatement, ReplaceStatement): rule = self._classReplaceRule(filePath, nestedStatement.SearchPattern, nestedStatement.ReplacePattern, nestedStatement.MultiLine, nestedStatement.DotAll, nestedStatement.CaseInsensitive) lst.append(rule) elif isinstance(nestedStatement, AppendLineStatement): rule = self._classAppendLineRule(filePath, nestedStatement.AppendPattern) lst.append(rule) else: ParserException("Found unknown statement type '{0}'.".format(nestedStatement.__class__.__name__)) else: ParserException("Found unknown statement type '{0}'.".format(ruleStatement.__class__.__name__))
@property def PreProcessRules(self): return self._preProcessRules @property def PostProcessRules(self): return self._postProcessRules def __str__(self): return "RULES file: '{0!s}'".format(self._file) #self._file only available via late binding def __repr__(self): return self.__str__()