Pre-compile ScriptsΒΆ

The following scripts can be used to pre-compile vendor’s primitives or third party libraries. Pre-compile vendor primitives are required for vendor specific simulations or if no generic IP core implementation is available. Third party libraries are usually used as simulation helpers and thus needed by many testbenches.

The pre-compiled packages and libraries are stored in the directory /temp/precompiled/. Per simulator, one <simulator>/ sub-directory is created. Each simulator directory in turn contains library directories, which may be grouped by the library vendor’s name: [<vendor>/]<library>/.

So for example: OSVVM pre-compiled with GHDL is stored in /temp/precompiled/ghdl/osvvm/. Note OSVVM is a single library and thus no vendor directory is used to group the generated files. GHDL will also create VHDL language revision sub-directories like v93/ or v08/.

Currently the provided scripts support 2 simulator targets and one combined target:

Target Description
All pre-compile for all simulators
GHDL pre-compile for the GHDL simulator
Questa pre-compile for Metor Graphics QuestaSim

The GHDL simulator distinguishes various VHDL language revisions and thus can pre-compile the source for these language revisions into separate output directories. The command line switch -All/--all will build the libraries for all major VHDL revisions (93, 2008).

Pre-compile Altera Libraries

Pre-compile Lattice Libraries

Pre-compile OSVVM Libraries

Pre-compile UVVM Libraries

Pre-compile Xilinx ISE Libraries

Pre-compile Xilinx Vivado Libraries