Who uses PoC?ΒΆ

PoC has a related Git repository called PoC-Examples on GitHub. This repository hosts a list of example and reference implementations of the PoC-Library. Additional to reading an IP cores documention and viewing its characteristic stimulus waveform in a simulation, it can helper to investigate an IP core usage example from that repository.

  • The Q27 Project
    27-Queens Puzzle: Massively Parellel Enumeration and Solution Counting
  • Reconfigurable Cloud Computing Framework (RC2F)
    An FPGA computing framework for virtualization and cloud integration.
  • PicoBlaze-Library
    The PicoBlaze-Library offers several PicoBlaze devices and code routines to extend a common PicoBlaze environment to a little System on a Chip (SoC or SoFPGA).
  • PicoBlaze-Examples
    A SoFPGA reference implementation, based on the PoC-Library and the PicoBlaze-Library.